Market in focus - Brazilian lube oil market grows about 3% in 2008 despite a significant fall in the last two months.
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LUBES EM FOCO presents the best estimate of 2008 Brazilian lubes market, based on a research developed together with the main players and the government organisms. The difficulties to achieve precision in the figures presented are due to the lack of consolidation of the numbers of small companies.

The growth forecast for 2008 was impacted by the low performance achieved in the last two months of the year, causing too high figures for the total base oils and not reflecting the fall in consumption of that period. We can assume that the stock was higher than expected.

An overview of the 2008 - Brazilian lube market

Total Lubes: 1,395,000 m
Automotives 780,000 m
Industrials 490,000 m
Greases 61,000 t
Base oil

35,000 m

Finished product import 60,500 m
Finished product export

31,500 m

Total base oil1,340,000 m
Local Production 730,000 m
Import 430,000 m
Re-refining 180,000 m

2008 Lubes market evolution (m)